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How do I register my Pure Card?
When you receive your card, you need to register it online. This will also activate your card enabling you to start spending with it. To register, please click here. You will need your card and mobile phone handy.
How do I check my balance?
You can check your balance at any time by logging into your account online, using the mobile app or calling customer services where you can get a balance update via our automated phone service.
What is Pure Card?
Pure Card is a Mastercard® prepaid card given to end recipients for a range of different reasons, including a customer reward or an employee benefits solution.
Where can I use Pure?
We provide a range of different card products, some of which can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted and some that are restricted to our network of retail partners. To check where you can use your card please log in to your account.
How do I update the name on my account?
If you want to change your name, then please get in touch as we will need some further information from you (e.g. copy of deed poll or marriage certificate).
What information do you require for registration?
To register, you will need to provide:
  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Card ID and last 4 digits of your long card number
  • The activation code - which is sent to you within the registration journey by SMS or email.
  • Your email address and mobile phone number
  • You may also be requested to provide a copy of an ID document as part of the verification process.
We take your data privacy very seriously. For more information on how we process and protect your data, please read our privacy notice.
Is my card contactless?
If your card has this symbol Contactless then it is contactless, and you can use it to make contactless payments where accepted. All our reloadable programmes are now contactless. If you have a card which is reloadable, then you will receive a contactless card when your current card expires.
Who are GVS Prepaid and Blackhawk Network?
GVS Prepaid is a subsidiary of Blackhawk Network business and is the regulated entity which holds our E-Money Licence enabling us to issue prepaid cards within the UK.
Are there any restrictions on where I can use my card?
You can't use your card to withdraw cash, obtain cashback or foreign currency, or to pay at any kind of automated payment machine (such as CAT terminals, pay@pump, tolls, and car park or train ticket machines). You also cannot use your card for subscriptions, automated periodic payments or gambling; or for obtaining illegal goods or services. If the use of your card is restricted to specific retailers only, this will be detailed under the 'Where I can spend' option when you are logged in. Restricted cards will not be accepted in any franchise stores, which are normally found at airports, train and service stations.
How do I update my contact details?
You can update all your contact details through your online account. Simply go to My Account in the top menu and select My Details to view and update. Make sure you click 'Update' to save any changes you make.
Why have I been asked to provide ID?
You may be required to provide a picture of your ID (either passport or driving licence) to help us verify your identity. The ID you provide must be current - unfortunately we cannot accept expired documents. This is a requirement under the anti-money laundering legislations within the UK, and it's nothing to worry about and usually only takes a few minutes, although in some cases it can take a few days to complete.
How much can I spend with contactless?
The current contactless payment limit is £45 per contactless transaction. There are other rules in place to ensure your card remains secure. This means that from time to time, you may be asked to enter your PIN.
Why have I received a Pure Card?
You may have received a Pure Card for a number of different reasons. For example, it could be:
  • Sent on behalf of a company to thank you for your business
  • Sent on behalf of your employer for a long service or achievement award
  • Signed up via your employer as part of your wider employee benefits package.
What happens if the item costs more than my balance?
You can only spend the balance available on your card. Many retailers will accept your card as part payment (at their discretion). If they do, you'll first need to pay the excess amount by other means, so that the amount left outstanding is the same, or less than your available card balance. You can then pay the balance using the funds on your card. Part-payment is not available for online transactions.
How do I change my address?
You can update your address through your online account. Simply go to My Account in the top menu and select My Details to view and update. Make sure you click 'Update' to save any changes you make.
How do I provide my ID?
You can provide your ID in two ways:
  1. Upload an existing image
  2. Take a photo (This option is only available if you are submitting your ID using your mobile phone to ensure we can capture a good enough image quality for review.)
You must provide a valid ID, either driving licence or passport. Unfortunately, expired documents cannot be accepted. The photo needs to be clear and must show the full image so that we can read it correctly. We'll review your ID as quickly as possible so you can start using your card.
How do I pay using contactless?
Contactless is perfect for those everyday transactions. It's fast and means you're in control because your card never leaves your hand. Simply tap your contactless card on the payment reader. Your card should normally be within an inch or two of the payment device.
What age do I have to be?
You must be at least 16 years old to have a Pure Card. If you're under 18, you won't be able to use your card in pubs, bars, nightclubs, some restaurants, wine and beer wholesalers and cigar/tobacco shops. Once you reach 18 this restriction will no longer apply.
Can I use my card to withdraw cash or obtain cashback?
No, you are not able to use your card for cash withdrawals or for cashback from a retailer.
I've forgotten my username, what should I do?
You can request a username reminder at any time. On the login screen just choose the 'Forgotten Username?' option. You’ll be asked to enter your 9-digit card ID and last 4 digits of your long card number. We’ll then send you an email with your username reminder.
What ID do I need to provide?
If you are requested to provide ID, you can currently provide one of the following:
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • Valid passport
Your ID must be current, we cannot accept expired documents. If you do not have either of these documents available, then please contact us.
Can I get a pin reminder?
Yes. We don't send any paper PINs, but you can view your PIN anytime by logging into your account. Just go to My Account > Card & PIN where you will be able to reveal your 4-digit card PIN on-screen.

If you have SMS services enabled you can also receive a PIN reminder by SMS. Please note, this isn't available for all accounts.
Why does my card have a different name?
While Pure Card is our standard brand, some of our clients have chosen to offer a more bespoke solution and so you may receive a card with a different name and design.
My account is showing a pending transaction, what does that mean?
A transaction can show as pending on your account if it has not yet been processed by the retailer. If a transaction hasn't been successful or the retailer has cancelled it, the relevant funds may remain as pending for up to 15 working days. If you need access to these funds sooner, please contact us.
I've forgotten my password, what should I do?
You’ll need your password to access your account online or through the mobile app. You can reset your password at any time. On the login screen just choose the 'Forgotten Password?' option. You’ll be asked to enter your 9-digit card ID and last 4 digits of your long card number. We’ll then send a password reset email to the address on your account. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password.
My ID won't scan?
If you're having trouble getting your ID to scan, here are some tips:
  • Try putting your ID on a contrasting background, like a dark table.
  • Turn your phone horizontal so that you capture your full ID in the capture box on screen.
  • Avoid glare from being next to a window.
  • If submitting your passport as ID, you only need to take the image of the photo page.
  • If this still doesn’t work, try taking a full screen photo of your ID, ensuring it’s nice and clear, and upload the image manually.
Also, please make sure you are using a supported browser. These include:
  • On Desktop – Microsoft Edge 16 +, Chrome 67.0 + and Firefox 53 +
  • On Apple devices – Safari/iOS 11.2 + only
  • On Android Devices – Chrome for Android 67.0 +, Android OS Version 4.1 + or Firefox for Android 63+
  • Samsung devices – Samsung Internet Browser 7.2-8.2 / 9.2 +
Can I change my PIN?
Yes, you can change your PIN at any ATM displaying the Mastercard® symbol using the PIN Services option.
Is the money on my Pure Card safe?
Absolutely! We are an Electronic Money Institution authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. As part of this, we safeguard all funds on our cards in accordance with Regulation 21 of the Electronic Money Regulations to ensure funds are safe and protected. This means that in the unlikely event of us becoming insolvent all your money is fully protected.
Why was my card declined?
You may have been declined for a number of different reasons. Firstly, please check your balance. Remember, you can only spend the available balance on the card so if you have insufficient funds, you will be declined. If you have sufficient available balance, please contact us so we can investigate.
Can I log in using biometrics?
If you use the mobile app and have a mobile device that supports biometrics, you can enable this for the Pure Card App to make logging in a bit simpler. Please go to your app settings to enable biometric log in.
Is my card already activated?
No, you need to activate your card before you can start spending. You activate your card by registering your account online. It's quick and simple, just click here to start now.
How do I unlock my PIN?
You can unlock your PIN at any ATM displaying the Mastercard® symbol using the PIN Services option.
Do you charge any fees if I don't use the card?
If you don't use your card for 6 months or longer, then dormancy fees may apply. Please check your terms and conditions for more information.
What browsers are supported?
This website is designed to support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. It is also built "responsively" meaning it will reshape depending on the screen size of the device you are using.
How do I activate my card?
To activate your card, you just need to register your account online. Once done, your card will be 'unlocked' and ready to use. Click here to register your card.
What is 'freeze card'?
Freeze card is handy feature that enables you to temporarily block your card without having to cancel it completely. This will mean that the card won't be able to be used to make any purchases. If you think you've lost your card, we recommend that you freeze it immediately to ensure your money is protected. That way, if you later find your card you can simply unfreeze it and start using it again, rather than having to wait for a new card to arrive in the post.
How long does a refund take to go through?
Refunds can take up to 7 days to be credited back to your card.
How do I opt in for marketing emails?
You can manage your marketing preferences at any time within your online account. Go to My Account in the top menu and select Preferences. If you want to opt in just tick the box that says "I want to receive offers / information related to my card"
I haven't received an activation code?
That's ok! We'll send you the activation code during the registration process where you can receive it by SMS or email depending on what details we hold for you. If you have any issues receiving your code, then please get in touch so we can help you resolve.
How do I report my card as lost or stolen?
If you think you have lost your card or had it stolen, please get in touch with us straight away so that we can block that card and get a new one out to you as soon as possible. Please note, charges may apply for a replacement card which we will advise you of at the time. Please check your terms and conditions for more information.
What do I do about a negative balance?
If your card has gone into a negative balance, you will need to reimburse us. We will contact you with instructions on how to do this and if not completed, may cancel your card. If you notice your card has gone into a negative balance before you hear from us, please contact us as soon as possible.
What is Voucher Store?
Voucher Store is an extra feature that some of our customers have available. It provides you access to a range of different gift cards and vouchers - ideal for when you are looking for that perfect gift. If you have Voucher Store enabled, you will it as an option in the main menu.
Why do I need a username to login?
Previously, all cardholders would log in with their card ID which means you’d need your card on you to log in. We’ve changed this to be a ‘Username’ on the website, so that it’s easier to remember. You can still set this as your card ID if you like, or an email address, or something else more memorable - it just needs to be unique to you. If you use the mobile app, you need to continue using your card ID for the time being.
How do I report my card as lost or stolen when customer services are closed?
Customer services is open from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week excluding bank holidays. If you find you have lost your card outside of these times, please immediately freeze your card within your online account. This will ensure your money is protected in the event someone else has your card. You can then contact us as soon as Customer Services is open so we can cancel and reissue your card. We are working on adding a digital lost/stolen service on the website for later this year.
I have an employee benefits card, how do I receive rebates?
If you have Pure Card via your employer as part of your employee benefits package, you will earn rebates on each purchase made with your card. These will be paid the following month directly to your card balance. You can view this information under your 'My Spend' section when viewing your account online.
What are SMS services?
SMS services provide you with the ability to perform tasks direct from your phone, great for when you don't have access to 3G/4G! There are 3 main SMS services that you can use: Balance, PIN & Top up. SMS services aren't available across all our programmes and you will need to verify your mobile number before using.

Once set up, make sure you save 07481 339960 to your phone contacts so you have it to hand when you need it. Then simply:
  • Text BALANCE to get your latest card balance
  • Text PIN to receive your card PIN
  • Text TOPUP followed by the amount you want to top up by and the security code from the back of your card e.g. TOPUP 100 123
Why do I need to provide my contact details?
When you register, you'll need to provide an email address and a mobile number. We need your email address so that we can send any important messages about your card. You can also opt in for any other marketing or promotional emails including competitions. We need a valid mobile number so that we can send you security one-time passcodes enabling you to log in to your account online, or to authorise any online payments if required.
Is my card replaced when it expires?
We support lots of different card programmes, some which automatically renew and some which don't. If your card is auto renewed, you will receive your new one 1 month before your current card expires.
How do I top-up my card?
If you have top-up enabled on your card, then you can do this:
  • with a debit card via the website
  • with a debit card via the mobile app. You will need to have completed one top up via the website first.
  • via SMS top up if available to you. You need to set this service up first but once done it's a handy feature to keep your card topped up.
How do I set up SMS services?
You can only use SMS Services if this is enabled on your account, and you will need to set it up as we need to verify your mobile phone number. To do so, go to My Account from the main menu, and then select Preferences. You'll see a Find out more option next to 'Use Text Services' if available to you, which will take you to an information screen.

Select 'SMS services set up' and enter your mobile number. We will send you a verification code, just enter this code when prompted and that's it. You'll be able to use the range of SMS services available which includes:
  • Text BALANCE to get your latest card balance
  • Text PIN to receive your card PIN
  • Text TOPUP followed by the amount you want to top up by and the security code from the back of your card e.g. TOPUP 100 123
Why do I need to verify my mobile?
We need to make sure we have the right mobile number so that we can deliver security one-time passcodes to you. These are important as you'll need one every time you log in to your account online, and may be required to enter one when using your card for online purchases. If you update your mobile number, you will need to re-verify it.
How do I activate a replacement card?
If you receive a replacement card, either a reissue when your current card expires if applicable, or a lost or stolen card replacement - then you will need to activate it before you can use it. You don't need to go through the full registration again. Simply log in to your account and you will be directed to activate the new card by entering in the new Card ID.
Are there any top up limits?
Yes, there is a maximum balance and top-up limit for your card (if applicable). These do vary based on your programme, so please log in and select the Top-Up option from the menu to view these limits.
When is customer services open?
Our normal operating hours are 8am-8pm, 7 days a week excluding Bank Holidays.
How do I log in to my account?
To log in on the website, you will need to enter the username and password you created as part of registration. You will then be sent a security one-time passcode that you need to enter. If you registered before November 2019, then you should have created a username when you next logged into your account. If you haven't done this yet, please login with your card ID. You will then be able to create your unique username. If you are using the mobile app, you need to use your Card ID and password. If you have a biometric enabled phone, you can turn this on to make login a bit easier.
Can I top up my card?
We have lots of different card products, some can be topped up and others can't. If when you log in to your account you can see a Top Up option on the screen then you have a reloadable card, and you'll be able to top it up using a debit card registered to the same name and address that we hold for you.
How do I change the debit card I use to top up my card with?
When you first top-up, you can choose to save your card details so that you can do a quick top up in future, which will display at the top-of the screen next to the balance. However, if you want to change this card, simply select top-up from the main menu, enter the amount you want to top up by and hit proceed. You will be transferred to our payment partner site, Secure Trading. There you can choose your card type and fill in your new card details. We can only save the last card that you used so this will replace any previous card we had saved. Please note, to top up via the mobile app you must have a card saved.
How do I contact you?
You can contact us by email or phone. Click on contact us to find out all the details.
Why do I need to enter a passcode every time I log in?
This is for extra security to ensure it is you that is logging into your account. It’s what we call 2-factor authentication, where you need to enter two pieces of information to prove it’s you - something you know (your password) and something you have (the one-time passcode we send to your phone). As our card is a regulated e-money product, we have to comply with various legislation including the 2nd Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It is this regulation that requires 2-factor authentication. We appreciate it can be frustrating but keeping your accounts and your money secure is of the upmost importance to us. We are continually working on ways we can make accessing your account faster and simper, whilst never compromising on security.
Can I add my card to Apple Pay, Android Pay or other digital wallets?
No, currently we don't support the ability to add the card to a digital wallet.
My top-up failed, what should I do?
Your top-up may have failed for a number of reasons:
  • You do not have sufficient funds available in the account you are using to top up your card.
  • The card details you have entered are incorrect. Please make sure the details match what is printed on your card.
  • The address registered to your card is different to the bank’s information. If this is the case, you will need to update your address either with us or with your bank to be able to complete the top-up.
  • There is a technical issue with Pure Card.
If you have checked all the above, and continuing to have issues, please contact us and we will look into this further.
Is there 24/7 support available?
Yes, automated phone services are available 24/7. Simply call 0344 800 6435. If your card has already been activated, you will be prompted to enter your 9-digit card ID and your telephone services passcode (which can be found under My Account within your online account).
I can't complete the registration process?
If you have tried to register and are still facing issues, please contact us so we can help you through it.
How do I change the name on my card?
If you want to change your name, then please get in touch as we will need some further information from you (e.g. copy of deed poll or marriage certificate).
My top-up failed, but the money has been taken from my bank account?
If your top-up fails due to the address registered to your card being different to that of your bank, you may find this transaction appears as pending in your bank account. Don't worry, you will get those funds back. We sent an authorisation reversal right away, however some banks do not use this reversal. If they haven't, it can take up to 10 days for the money to be returned to your account. Please contact your bank if you have any queries.
How do I make a complaint?
If you are unhappy with any part of our service and want to make a complaint, then please contact us. One of us will get in touch by the end of the next working day at the latest and if we can't resolve the issue there and there, we'll continue to investigate and keep you informed along the way. Our full complaints policy is available here.
Is there a mobile app I can use?
Yes, we do have a mobile app, just search for MyPureCard in your app store. The app gives you all the basic information you might need on the go including your current balance, where you can use you card and recent transactions.
What is a partner card?
A partner card is an additional card on your account that shares the balance. It will have its own PIN and online account but everything else is shared. It is not available across all our programmes, so to see if you have partner cards enabled please go to My Account. If available, you will see a Partner card option at the top.
My card has been used without my knowledge, what do I do?
If you aren't sure if you recognise some of the activity on your account, we recommend you freeze your card right away and contact us as soon as you can so we can look into it for you.
Can I add my card to other apps or services?
Yes. We are enrolled in Open Banking which means that you are able to add your card to any authorised third-party service. You will need to authenticate yourself using your login details and provide consent to the information you are willing to share. We will then facilitate this transfer of information securely and in adherence with the applicable legislation.
How do I know what my PIN is?
We don't send any paper PINs. Instead, you'll be able to view your PIN online once you have completed registration. Just navigate to -My Account > Card & PIN- where you will be able to display your PIN on screen.
How do I order a partner card?
Partner cards aren't available across all our programmes. To see if you have this feature enabled select My Account where you will see a partner option if this is available to you. You can only order one additional card per account and fees may apply. Please check your terms and conditions for more information about partner cards.
Why was my online transaction declined?
Following recent changes to the legislation that governs online payments, new limits have been introduced for anonymous prepaid cards. If you have an anonymous card (in other words if we haven't verified your identity) then any individual transactions online for over £40 could be declined. If we have performed an identity check on you then don't worry, these limits won't apply. Typically, an anonymous card is one that is single load, and loaded with a value under £120. If you're not sure, then please contact us and we can advise if these limits will impact you.
How does the partner card work?
Both your card and the partner card share the same balance. However, you will each have individual cards and PINs and access to individual online accounts to view the balance and spend history.
Why do I need to enter a code when making purchases online?
As part of the recent PSD2 legislation, greater controls are being placed on online transactions. This means that moving forward you may have to authenticate an online transaction by entering an additional passcode. We'll send this to you by SMS where you will then enter it within the checkout experience. If you have any issues authenticating an online transaction, then please contact us so we can investigate for you.
Can I have more than one partner card?
No, you can only link one partner card to your account.
Is my partner card replaced on expiry?
No, partner cards will not be automatically renewed and will expire at the same time as your primary card. Once you receive and activate your own replacement card, you will then be able to apply for a new partner card. Fees may apply.
If I lose my card will it affect my partner card?
No, your partner card will still work, even if your own card is blocked for whatever reason.
If I block my card what happens to my partner card?
Nothing. Only the card you report to us will be blocked, your partner card will continue to work.

Still can't find the answer you're looking for?

Email info@purecard.com

Telephone 0344 800 6435*

Our customer service agents are available 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday (excluding Christmas, boxing and New Year’s Day).
You can report your card lost or stolen on this number at any time.


Our address is:
Card Services, PO Box 1586, Westside, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 9SF

*Calls to this number are charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers on mobile phone tariffs

pure® is a trademark of Blackhawk Network Europe

Your Mastercard® is issued by GVS Prepaid Ltd, an Electronic Money Institution authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority with Firm Reference number 900230; pursuant to license from Mastercard International. Mastercard® is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. GVS Prepaid Ltd’s company registration number is 09193070 and its registered office is at Westside, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9TD.